Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A one stop dribble (written in between 2 stops on the district line train - un edited)

I start this at the moment of docking into Aldgate East,
They say something about pan - cree - ass?

This train is in a hurry!
Screeching blast..

I come close to the place we artists want to be from..
Its trendy to say:
"I'm in Whitchaple darling..


All this sucking up to an image of fame is - quite honestly


For "what's in a name"
and who cares if your part of the club that drives the artist's train..

An elating journey

The Cattle ,
Scrambling for an inch within to park their professional behinds
The Carriage,
almost topples over from the weight of exasperated faces.

Inundated with selfish thoughts,
A red bleary eye ogling the possibility of an empty seat.

The giggles escape us as we uncouthly brush against each others front bottoms.
Our limbs and heads outstretched to the nearest prop.

I cannot see the curve that outlines my breast, for the elbows that tickles them rudely..
My coat is red and green and frayed,

The heard is released as is my breath..
by the expected beeping of flirtatious electronic prison doors.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

fluffy squirle tails and soggyness

Why is it we walk on pathways when grass and mud surround us?
Maybe it is because we are unwilling to end up with soggy feet in the middle of winter...
Or maybe its because the pathways are there to entice us?
Whispering sentences like; " go on walk on me.. you know you want to hear the clack of your heals upon my concrete skin"

Why is it that we have normalised the act of admiring beauty through a lens? have we forgotten the use of our eyes..? or have we ran out of time for seeing?
Do we now allow the lens to savour those moments of beauty we wernt there for?
So now we can show our friends and say we remember..

And why is it that I am writing these thoughts on a "smart phone"
disconnecting from the paper that touches my pen and allows my words to mark it fluidly?

maybe I should finally give in to the realisation that this is the way now...


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Silky pyjamas make me feel sexy

The mind is split

Two compartments of unorganized fruit juices

Two banana,

Two persons,

Two connections,

One role of see through plasticy celotape,

This only just entwines these Two oversized florescent pink container crates.

Two goose eggs a sitting,

Two pilots are watching,

Two children a picking,

One bench is being sat upon by Two loons discussing the relevance of our moons craters.

Almost crisp potatoes

Two of them in a stew of em,

Floating turdular spuds encouraged by the rest to wrestle the starch foaming suds

But they surf them,


Holding hands, they look like a pair of smooth skinned, bald un-tanned lesbian nans, about to be slices up and fried in a pan.


Monday, 16 January 2012

A Raunchy Spinster

It was regular for her to be causing trouble

Lifting dirt clean off from where it once laid mutely and unnoticed.

She twitched the corner of her left nostril – a tell tell sign of shammery and deceit

He hadn’t a clue f course.. baying and lapping cravenly at her heel covered toes ,

Every boast he would oooohhh at,

Each gesture he would gush upon, - he really was a dreary derisory thing,

But then she really was a coarse and calculative creature with no boundaries, no limitations

She possessed a sordid need to bewilder and stupefy.

She had been chasing a state of elation for quite some time now

However a heightened euphoric ecstasy could not be possible without having dumfounded humiliated and ravaged a man of his own pride and dignity first..

This was paramount.. there was no compromise, no other way.. it was her only repentance.. her salvation –

She slowly crushed his rib cage with the scratchy stub of her stilletoed heel, breaking the skin – he wailed and pleaded and begged for more.

The Other Side

The other side is quieter

It reaches for those barred paneled windows

,The yellow leggo block train carriages patter by un-noticed

,A Kestrel hovers childishly teasing

,I cannot find the sun today but its starring rite at me

.demanding I pay due attention

,Those air motored vehicles are a cavorting horde of teenagers

.performing to be noticed by the clouds

,That bird is actually an overly embellished kite

.probably used to keep eagles from eating their mice.

And those glaring gargantuan black windows are pompously pretentious

..I wonder what would happen if I were to pull down my pants and pee upon their petunias

A Calculated Chaos

Cautiously I sit here waiting for the thump above my mind to grumble

It gurgles and thunders gently

Wanting only to love me in my towel wrapped head and purple polka dot crossed feet.

But I am cautious..

I calculate the ticking moments that pass on pleasantly waiting for the chaos to erupt from my high Victorian ceilings.

It will be brief

It will come from a place of love

It will grind me in to fine particles of vulgar inpatients..

I will cuddle it softly and purr into its ear..

I need you

My grumpy, scrumptious Koala bear..

Vagina drawing

Vagina drawing